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Programs on Demand

Programs on Demand

If you are a troop, group, family…or an independent Girl Scout-on-the-go, check out Programs on Demand! These affordable and ready-to-go kits are delivered to you and facilitated by you, giving girls a fun activity for a meeting or get-together.

Each kit contains a fun patch for every girl, supplies (some additional supplies required) and easy-to-follow instructions.Order Programs on Demand by clicking the title below.


Take a hike! Yes, really…take a hike to appreciate the world around you and discover ways to make the earth a better place for future generations. Make a bee hotel, leave a fun snack for birds, and make a poster to promote conservation and our Girl Scout ways.


It’s time to see your trash in an entirely new way and use resources wisely. Start collecting items now to use with this program: a soup can, toilet paper roll, and a milk carton – to name a few! Give them upgrades as a bird feeder, a bracelet, and a pencil holder.


Learn cool space facts, make your own glittery moon rocks, and learn to identify constellations in the night sky! Plus, out-of-this-world information about each planet will be at your fingertips after you create a solar system fact fan!


Get inspired for the best Girl Scout Cookie Program ever! Touch on the five cookie skills while exploring your creative side. Bling your booth, bling yourself, and get ready to shine! Make cool banners, SWAPS, and a cookie scarf to keep you warm.


Lose yourself in a world of unicorns, rainbows, and colorful fun! Unicorns will come to life in activities that test your senses and make you sparkle from within. Make a unicorn horn you can eat and a wish necklace that you can wear forever! Let the magic take you away.